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Saying thank you at work goes a long way

Colleen Coates

Studies show that when people feel appreciated and get recognized, they are more motivated and more productive. Greater productivity leads to better business results. If it’s that easy, why aren’t more organizations taking advantage of this opportunity to maximize business results?

There are many reasons why recognition is ignored. It can be seen as too difficult to manage and oversee, too hard to keep it from becoming an entitlement or simply too costly an investment. Recognition is often viewed as one of those intangible activities that many organizations have difficulty incorporating into their management practices.

Believe it, harassment happens in your workplace

Colleen Coates

Harassment is not only hurtful behaviour, it is against the law. But before you dismiss the rest of this article because you believe it is not happening in your workplace, think again.

Both employers and employees need to understand that bullying on the job is a global epidemic. Studies have shown that nearly 40 per cent of today’s workforce has been subjected to harassment or bullying, defined as repeated, malicious and health-endangering mistreatment intended to intimidate another.

Although it wears a number of disguises, bullying is generally recognized as unwanted behaviour meant to abuse, threaten or humiliate, or interference that prohibits productivity and prevents work from getting done. It takes on many forms and can include:

Driven to success Maxim president steers well-balanced workplace

John McFerran

Aside from the distinct location of its head office at Brookside and Inkster boulevards, Maxim Truck & Trailer president Doug Harvey knows his company is positioned exactly where it should be.

“I realized long ago that the world around us changes alarmingly fast, yet everything that we own, that we eat and that we have in our homes still comes on a truck and trailer. That hasn’t changed. They’ll never figure out how to send a load of lumber through the Internet,” Harvey says. “This is a very good industry to be in.”

Compensation survey guides – Manitoba Employers as Economy Rebounds

People First

Expanding on the second edition of Manitoba’s largest, most comprehensive survey for compensation, benefits and workplace practices, The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce is pleased to continue its partnership with Winnipeg-based People First HR Services Ltd. to provide a cost-effective planning tool to Manitoba organizations. Offering detailed compensation information on more than 300 individual jobs reflecting Manitoba’s diverse industries, the Survey results will be released in September 2011 just in time for 2012 planning. Organizations are encouraged to register now to participate in the survey, which will take place in April and May.
“Manitoba employers have come to rely on this resource as one of the tools to assist in the attraction and retention of qualified people.” says Colleen Coates, Compensation Practice Leader, People First HR Services. “Having reliable data in hand helps prevent costly errors.”

Building a personal brand takes time, consideration

Colleen Coates

When you buy a bottle of pop or a box of fabric softener at the supermarket, what makes you reach for one brand instead of another?

Sometimes it’s habit, sometimes price, but usually it’s because of branding. You just know that when you buy that particular product, it will meet your expectations. It will be reliable. It will be quality made. It will give more value and deliver a better, more satisfying experience.