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Don’t try to direct volunteers, let their efforts find best path

Colleen Coates

During the holiday season, many non-profit organizations and even understaffed companies make use of volunteers to stretch their resources. Whether it is because they want to give back to their community or because of the realities of the job market, more highly skilled workers are available and eager to lend a helping hand.

The idea of co-ordinating volunteers, including student interns and committees, can be an organizational nightmare for some people — one that brings the simplicity of herding cats to mind. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Managing volunteers isn’t about directing people as much as it is about allowing their efforts to find the best path.

Moderation the key to party presence

Colleen Coates

‘Tis the season of the annual work holiday party. And while this tradition is about sharing in a joyful year-end celebration, it’s important to remember that company-sponsored events filled with fun, music, food and drink are still business functions.

To make it a successful social occasion, you need to keep everything in moderation. According to at least one industry survey, 15 per cent of companies that have hosted holiday parties say that inappropriate employee behaviour at the event has affected that individual’s career growth.