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Jim Slater of Diagnostic Services of Manitoba on the challenge of centralizing

John McFerran

Introducing centralized system presents people challenges

Every year, more than 15 million diagnostic tests are ordered from Manitoba’s public sector — and that’s not including an additional eight to 10 million tests conducted in private facilities.

“Eighty-five per cent of all medical decisions are based on some kind of lab or medical imaging result,” says Jim Slater, CEO of Diagnostic Services of Manitoba (DSM), the non-profit corporation responsible for delivering public laboratory and rural diagnostic imaging services supported by over 1,500 professionals at 79 sites.

Make a 90-day plan for your new job

Colleen Coates

They say only fools rush in and that certainly applies to someone starting the first day of a new job all gung-ho to please.

It’s important to resist jumping in with both feet and instead, gain firm footing with a 90-day plan designed to set you up for success. Why 90 days? It’s enough time to acclimatize to your new environment, get some direction and understand where you need to focus your attention. At the same time, many companies give employees a performance review after three months have been completed, so it’s wise to plan ahead and make your first 90 days the foundation for what will hopefully be a long and prosperous tenure.

Give a toast to the masters who help you speak your mind

Colleen Coates


You can spot them everywhere. They are the ones who know when it’s appropriate to clap (and when you should not), how to introduce speakers with enthusiasm and grace, how to introduce themselves and start up a conversation with someone they just met, and know the difference between a podium and a lectern.

While this may not seem important, little differences can make you stand out in a crowd (and not look foolish). It’s the little aspects of what makes us who we are that can help launch your career; have others see you in a professional light; help you win that job interview; aid you in the successful delivery of a speech at your friend’s wedding; or make you the envy of others as you give a toast at your grandparent’s anniversary celebration that brings tears to their eyes.