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Ensure reference helps you to No. 1 spot

Colleen Coates

High-quality recommendation important in job selection

Have you ever thought you were a sure winner for that new job and then found out you were second choice? Do you know why? It could very well be because of your references.

High quality reference checks are an important part of the selection process when organizations are seeking to hire a candidate according to Jenna Buckley, HR recruiter at People First HR Services. “Reference checks rule out candidates with phoney qualifications and when done right, act as a security measure against hiring mediocre candidates,” explains Buckley.

Compassion takes sting out of “You’re fired”

Colleen Coates

Perhaps you have heard the tale about getting a pink slip in with your paycheque as a way of finding out about your employment termination. This tale dates back to the early 1900s and I’ve yet to see an organization actually do this. However, a quick media search finds many stories where employees have been victims of deplorable actions by their employer. One such case was the U.S. convenience store chain owner who held a contest for employees to guess who would be fired next in order to win a cash prize. Another high-profile termination was that of Yahoo’s CEO Carol Bartz who was terminated over the telephone. Then there were the RadioShack Corp. employees who found out they were being let go when they received an email explaining that workforce reduction was being carried out and “unfortunately your position is one that has been eliminated.”

The reality is losing your job can be a horrible and even devastating experience, but the good news is most employers are caring and realize terminations don’t have to be a dreadful experience, according to Eileen Kirton, regional vice-president of KWA Partners, leaders in career management services.