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KWA Partners Marks 10 Years of Career Management Services in Winnipeg

People First

In June 2012, KWA Partners, provider of career management services, celebrates 10 years of providing career transition services to leading companies across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario through its partnership with People First HR Services.

Well-known for the excellence of its career transition services, KWA Partners is the largest provider in the Prairies.  The firm assists corporations to do things right when implementing job loss and supports people to move forward after job loss.

Keep keen eye on employee attendance

Colleen Coates

Supervisors need full support of manangement, proper training to manage absenteeism

It’s five to nine in the morning when the phone rings. Before the supervisor answers it, they instinctively look around and take a head count. Who’s calling in sick today?

Whether they want to or not, the responsibility for monitoring employee absences falls to immediate supervisors, who are often the only ones aware when an individual is away from work. They have a good understanding of their staff members’ work habits and are often empathetic to any extenuating circumstances surrounding an individual’s absence. This also puts them in a position to identify patterns of absence and flag potential abuses of the system.

Professional image reflects who you are

Colleen Coates

With the flood of new grads entering the workforce this spring, it seems a suitable time to discuss dressing for success. For the rest of us (ahem), a refresher course probably wouldn’t hurt, either.

Whether you’re going for a job interview, going out on a date or going to the bank for a loan, it’s important to look the part. Like it or not, appearances definitely matter and people will make instant assumptions about you based on how you dress. While you can’t judge a book entirely by its cover, you can’t dismiss the power of first impressions.