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Daylight Savings…is it all in the Attitude?

Karin Pooley

My daylight savings tweet was “A fabulously long day”!  It wasn’t much longer when I received a message from one of my followers that said “Amazing right? I wish I had an extra hour for everyday”.  I started to think more about what those two tweets meant.  Did an extra hour have that much impact on my day and others?

I woke up at 5:45 am, not that much earlier than normal.  Knowing I had an extra hour though, it was a slightly different day.  I woke today with an attitude of completion.  I was determined to complete every household task and clear away all of the clutter that has been driving me crazy for weeks now.   Not only did I manage to do that, but I also fit in a movie with my family and went to my son’s hockey game.  It was a great day of accomplishments and my life is just a little more organized than when it was earlier this morning.

In thinking more about my friends reply to my tweet, well the answer is Yes!  An extra hour per day works out to 7 extra hours per week, 28 hours per month etc.  However, the reality is those extra hours just don’t exist.  All the things we need to accomplish, the goals we need to reach, it is all in the attitude.  The attitude we choose to wake up with everyday.