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We’ve gone social – for us and for you

Karin Pooley

I am one of the lucky ones.   I have a career that I absolutely love and am truly passionate about.  I work for a great company and my colleagues are talented people that I enjoy seeing every day.

I have been recruiting for 22 years, long enough to remember when fax machines were introduced and how we marveled at its efficiency.  Long enough to remember when computers became a mandatory skill and how shocking it was to learn so many people did not have even a basic computer understanding.  At that time there was no talent shortage, you only needed print advertising to find candidates.

Fast forward to today and although some us still have fax machines, rarely are they used, they have been replaced by email and texting.  The challenge is no longer computer skills, it’s ensuring you stay on top, or better yet, ahead of today’s technology.  Today’s it is all about the on-line community – people sharing stories and experiences and relying on this world for information.  This is exactly why we’ve gone social.

Our recruiting team has been turning to the on-line community to source top talent for several years now; this is not new to us.  But the social world to recruit, and more importantly engage with our community of clients and candidates, now that is an entirely different story.  Our journey in to the social world started about two years ago, some of us were convinced it was essential, others just shook their heads, whether it was out of fear or lack of interest, I don’t know.  After reading many blogs, books and engaging in long discussions as well as my own research, as a team we met many times to uncover our social media mission.  We finally concluded that our purpose for going social is not about us telling you what we do; it is about you, sharing with us, what you need us to do.

Our goal is to enrich your business or help you find your passion in your career, but also we just want to have fun.  Recruiting is about people and building relationships.  We want you to learn about us and why we all choose to work here but more importantly we want to learn from you.

Today I am sharing with you my first blog and our first You Tube video. Here you can meet me and my team and find out why we decided to do this in the first place. You will also meet a very colourful character that has become an important part of our team.

So come and hang out with us on Facebook and Twitter and thanks for taking the time to visit – see ya!


  • Anon

    Congratulations Karin, I love your new ‘colourful character!’