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Are you Social Media Savvy?

Colleen Coates

There’s no turning back – social media is here to stay so why not make the most of it, both personally and professionally!

Social Media Savvy

LinkedIn was my first foray into the social media world, followed by Twitter then eventually Facebook and others. Did I succumb to social pressures to join? No, I would say more out of self preservation at first. Then, as I started to see the benefits of these technology tools, I realized it was time to embrace the concept and jump in with both feet.

How much salary is too much?

Colleen Coates

Optics play a big role in determining executive pay at a non-profit

We’ve all seen the media headlines scream CEO earns $250,000 or Head of organization gets $100,000 bonus. Recent Free Press headlines shouted Auditor general questions wages. This headline, like others, raised questions about executive salaries and left us to wonder, “Is it too much? How much is too much? Is there such a thing as too much?”

Recently I delivered a report presentation to a board of directors who asked me that very same question. Here’s a list of points that was offered to them for consideration:

Give a toast to the masters who help you speak your mind

Colleen Coates


You can spot them everywhere. They are the ones who know when it’s appropriate to clap (and when you should not), how to introduce speakers with enthusiasm and grace, how to introduce themselves and start up a conversation with someone they just met, and know the difference between a podium and a lectern.

While this may not seem important, little differences can make you stand out in a crowd (and not look foolish). It’s the little aspects of what makes us who we are that can help launch your career; have others see you in a professional light; help you win that job interview; aid you in the successful delivery of a speech at your friend’s wedding; or make you the envy of others as you give a toast at your grandparent’s anniversary celebration that brings tears to their eyes.

Daylight Savings…is it all in the Attitude?

Karin Pooley

My daylight savings tweet was “A fabulously long day”!  It wasn’t much longer when I received a message from one of my followers that said “Amazing right? I wish I had an extra hour for everyday”.  I started to think more about what those two tweets meant.  Did an extra hour have that much impact on my day and others?

We’ve gone social – for us and for you

Karin Pooley

I am one of the lucky ones.   I have a career that I absolutely love and am truly passionate about.  I work for a great company and my colleagues are talented people that I enjoy seeing every day.

I have been recruiting for 22 years, long enough to remember when fax machines were introduced and how we marveled at its efficiency.  Long enough to remember when computers became a mandatory skill and how shocking it was to learn so many people did not have even a basic computer understanding.  At that time there was no talent shortage, you only needed print advertising to find candidates.

Social media now a requirement for employers, hopeful candidates

Colleen Coates

We’ve all heard about the need to use social media and networking websites as a way to market skills and strengths. But in today’s tech-savvy world, exactly how important is it for hopeful employees — and prospective employers — to maintain an online presence?

In my opinion, it’s extremely important. At the beginning of this year, it was reported that on average there were at least 4.5 solid applicants for every available job opening. With strong competition, it is essential for job seekers to use all the tools at their disposal in order to have the edge. At the same time, employers who want access to the best talent available need to proactively go where the best people are — and right now, that’s online.